What happened to Brican Systems Corporation?

Hello – my name is Brian Crombleholme and I was the Founder of Brican Systems in 1995. Much has changed since then.


Grandson Lukas - October 2010

Due to some intense personal challenges in 1999, I contemplated closing the company at that time, but a buyer came along and I sold the Brican company on January 1, 2000. The purchase price was to be paid over a 10 year period with the last payment to be made in December 2009. As security for what was owed to me, I retained rights as a sales distributor of the Brican products and the software codes, including updates, were held in trust for me in the event of default on the debt. Unfortunately, the recession and credit issues created financial problems for Brican beginning late in 2008 and they began to default on payments to me. The situation deteriorated late in 2009 as the economy worsened and despite huge efforts to find investors, the Brican office landlord delivered the death knell when he sealed the office for non-payment of rent in February 2010. Game over!

In my capacity as Founder and sales distributor for Brican, and working with healthcare professionals, especially Chiropractors and Podiatrists with my electronic patient sign-in system (www.virtualsignin.com), I decided to exercise my secured creditor status and seize some of the Brican assets, or perhaps I should say “ashes” and build a new system with new features, new content and at an affordable price.

I originally sold Brican so I could slow down a bit from living 40 years in the fast lane of business. Now we’re another 10 years further on and at 71 with decreased energy, I am finding it hard to keep up with everything, especially in the world of technology. Consequently my long time associate Mike Talarico has agreed to take over the business from me effective January 1, 2012 under his company Cutting Edge Displays Ltd. My role will be minimal now and for the most part I will be an “on-call” marketing consultant.

Mike was in charge of technology at Brican for several years prior to its collapse and so he is well positioned to advance the products for all concerned. As you can see below we now offer our much enhanced digital visual marketing programs to health care professionals under the main banner of HealthEducationTV™ with these operating divisions and websites:

  www.ChiroWellnessTV.com www.PodiatryTV.com        
  www.YourDentalTV.com www.MediadocTV.com      

If you have questions please email:  info@HealthEDTV.com or phone: 1.877.229.0933 or 1.877.207.9152. We are in the Pacific Time zone.

The head office is located in Kelowna, BC and there is an associate office in Victoria, BC and Seattle, WA.

Thank you and we will try to help you wherever we can.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We have never had any connections with a company known as “Brican America” or “Brican America Inc.” who at one time offered digital marketing systems to Dentists and Optometrists from a base in Miami, FL.

Updated: Summer 2011